Monday, April 27, 2009

Check this out- fully colored by Lizz, this beauty kicks butt! she is available, like all of the color pieces, as a print. hit me up for info.
A reflections piece colored by Marc Lewis- hell of a job, no? A Phoenix piece - I will post he colored version later. compare for coolness.

Origin of the Emerald Giant... I like this piece!

Silent master! Looking forward to seeing Lizz's coloring on this shortly- it will make a debut at Heroes in Charlotte, NC- June 19th - 21st.

Really happy with this piece still- colored by Lizz Buenaventura and masterfully done at that.
I think I figured out how to add text, etc while not ruining the art...

lets hopw this works.

everyone esle was doing it, so i jumped too...

Well, it took me three years to get on Myspace, a year or two to do Face book, and now after years of looking at other peoples' I decided to get one of my own: A life... no wait, a Blog, I definately meant a Blog.

I will update this everynow and then with art, news on upcoming projects that I am working on, conventions and appearances, etc.

SOOOOOOOO, to start off-

I will be Gotham City Limts on Southside BLVD in Jacksonville this Saturday for FCBD ( Free Comic Book Day)- come see me for a free x-men sketch in honor of the new Wolvie flick.

art to be posted soon- as in AS SOON as I figure out how.