Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last week's challenge...

Howdy ya'll,
I submit to you who have eyes, my five minute Spider-woman sketch!

I will have to look up this "red death" costume for the Phantom of the Opera... it should be fun!


Monday, August 26, 2013

two weeks late- still counts, right???

So I have been essentially building a new school- and since I am the Dean of Students, it has been crazy.

so here is the Carmen- I did it in sharpy, because I wanted to try something new. If I did this
fine line, or even sketchy, it would be a whole different piece.

Next challenge?


Friday, August 9, 2013

Midweek update!

Howdy hey.
So I got this digital drawing tablet/monitor . I am now trying color some of my own stuff to save time, hone my skill, etc.

Ok- so both are colored in VERY different styles- looking for feedback. Is the painting style of the Thanos worth it? is the marker style on ol' Deadpool not working? give me some input so that I can keep working on this- the success of my next prints require it! THANKS!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

new challenge-week 1 COMPLETE!

So I accepted the Spider Man 2099 challenge, and here he is.
 This is why i need to do these- as soon as I posted it, I see three things that I hate, so it tells me that I need to take  step back when drawing. I got what I needed from the exercise. Come back later in the week for some new, non-challenge art! For next week, I have already accepted Carmen Santiago, I am confident that I will know where she is.



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting some penciling in

TIme for work? not always. But I love it when I do get to draw for me- fills the portfolio, makes me feel like an artist, not just a contract monkey, and of course, this provides much personal satisfaction!

here are some things from this past few days:

Still have not heard from anyone with art suggestions. Shame, but I should blame myself. I dropped it a few years ago, so I take the blame.
Please need an idea- no obligation for any purchase, it just keeps me fresh!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

some upcoming prints (not Prince, because that would be awkward)

HOWDY! Here are some previews from the soon to be available print series by me and my favorite colorist, Lizz.

 There are 3 more in the set, one of the lovely baddies from GIJoe, Thundercats, and Master of the Universe ( He-Man) so look for them here soon, or hit me up if interested- as always, prints are $10 each or the whole set of 5 for $40.

So, what should I draw this week for the blog challenge?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Can't stop the rock...

Busy week. I got a new toy- the Yiynova19U, so I am doing digital paintings... I will show my first experiment next week, perhaps.

Here is a DC Batman 0 cover that I did for the Poison Ivy Guy in Tennessee.
So, starting next week, I will ask for submissions for ideas for art section on the blog, if I pick your idea that, you can have the art for free if you pay for shipping. Easy enough.
Each week, I will draw at least one idea as suggested ( ideas form previous weeks will stay on the list) and the person who suggests it get s the first right of refusal. If they choose not to want it, I will offer it up to the rest of the blog readers, still for free- whoever eants it will only have to pay for shipping.
these will be sketches- not convention  or submission quality full blown pieces, but often pencil sketches only--- unless I feel like doing more.

Start submitting ideas so that I can pick one for next week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A new week, and new art

I am neck deep in two different card sets, both are fairly new characters to me, so it is a challenge.
I decided to take another week to figure out the art challenge concept, speaking of that word, as I can not decide how exactly to make it work.

For now, you can hopefully enjoy this:
I promise to figure out the details, and I am even open to suggestions. so email me at if you have any suggestions.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy days? WHY NOT!

It has been a busy week, and time for some art.
But first, I just finished my 100 cards for Star Wars Galaxy Files 2, and will be sending them of shortly.
I am almost completely caught up on commissions from Denver and Heroes, and am getting ready to start on my summer sequential pages!

OK- I also want to bring back the weekly challenge: but this time, in order to make sure that I keep up with it, I am putting it on my digital calendar so that I can not forget, and I need boo readers to harass me so that I remember. One way to do this is make it a contest as well. I am working out details, but essentially, those who submit ideas chosen for art challenge will be inserted into a contest for free art.
Come back next week for more details as well as the first invitation for the art challenge!

Monday, June 17, 2013

this weeks uploads

trying to get back into adding to this each week is like trying to get back into the gym on a weekly basis, but without the need to impress the hot girl on the cardio machines.

Instead, I am trying to ad to my web presence by adding art up here each week, a herculean task for those who really know me.

so here we go!!!

More next week, and the return of an old challenge, but this time with pie ( read as prizes) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

welcome home... now get to work.

So I am back at home from two consecutive weekends of travel for conventions. Which means that I have much to catch up on.

First, I have my personal life and family to reacquaint myself with.
Second, and as far as you all are more than likely concerned, I have much art to catch up on.

So, I will do that. I will be posting some commissions from the last two weeks over the next few days. If you are on my commission list, thanks for being patient!!

my current kickstarter project, My Name is Evil, is going very well, and I am grateful for that! I am also working on another set of sketch cards for Star Wars, and my Marvel and Valiant cards have been mailed in. WHEW!

Blessings to all!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Amazing show in Denver, and getting ready for Heroes this weekend

Had an incredible show this past weekend! I had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and sell quite a bit of art.

I will post some pics of some of the art as I can, of course. I did a library event with Peter Meyhew where we spent time with kids- great event! I hung out with Jim Steranko, as well as others, and again, got to chat with so many who are embracing my art!

and of course, since the Denver show is all about supporting kids and literacy, I did a few things to help them raise money. I donated all of the original black and white badge art, and got to draw a cthulu-esque beast on this snow board that was sold to raise funds.

with that said, I will see you folks in NC this week at Heroes, and here is the new art for this weeks' post:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New kickstarter and some new art! (also, see you in Denver!)

This coming weekend, I will be back in Denver for the 2nd Denver Comic Con. I am stoked, as  I a special guest artist for an event with Peter Mayhew ( Chewbacca) on THursday night at a library. Also, I did all of the badge art, which was an AWESOME experience!

Here is a sample of the badge art- I did 12 pieces in total.

Next, I have a new kickstarter up... almost 100% funded in two hours. Please visit!

Also, some new art. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The new Iron Man Print for Denver Comic Con, and the reason for my absence

So I moved back to Florida in January, took a new job, and have been killing myself with stress and teaching. Almost literally. I was in the hospital for a few days, and of course, my blog presence has suffered for all of this.

I am doing the Denver Comic COn in two weeks, and am honored to say that I did all of the badge art for the show. It is very exciting!  I also am doing a unique event with Peter Meyhew ( Chebacca) at a library for kids.

I will be at Heroes in North Carolina the next weekend.

A print that will be available at both shows is this, an Iron Man drawn by me and inked by Tony Kordos.