Thursday, July 11, 2013

Can't stop the rock...

Busy week. I got a new toy- the Yiynova19U, so I am doing digital paintings... I will show my first experiment next week, perhaps.

Here is a DC Batman 0 cover that I did for the Poison Ivy Guy in Tennessee.
So, starting next week, I will ask for submissions for ideas for art section on the blog, if I pick your idea that, you can have the art for free if you pay for shipping. Easy enough.
Each week, I will draw at least one idea as suggested ( ideas form previous weeks will stay on the list) and the person who suggests it get s the first right of refusal. If they choose not to want it, I will offer it up to the rest of the blog readers, still for free- whoever eants it will only have to pay for shipping.
these will be sketches- not convention  or submission quality full blown pieces, but often pencil sketches only--- unless I feel like doing more.

Start submitting ideas so that I can pick one for next week!

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