Friday, March 4, 2011

new idea, but I NEED input!! ( yes, from you)

Ok, so I watched that movie Julie and Julia- actually entertaining, yes.

I got an idea- what if I did something similar, but with art.

Here is the idea, if you are reading this, comment on who I should draw. I will get on once or twice a week ( forcing me to use this more) and read the submission ideas, pick one for each time I visit, and then post it on the next visit.

would my (currently) 7 followers be willing to do this? tell your freinds, make a crowd here, and get it started! The content can be used for a variety of purposes in the future- prints (lizz will love that,) sketchbooks, or perhaps even auctioned off and then maybe I can do this a little more professionally. I am not asking you all to pay me, just join in the fun , and make me DRAW!!!!!

I will see if this is read and responded to sometime early next week, and if there is a suggestion on who to draw, I will do it!!


  1. Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed II

  2. fun suggestion- I have never drawn him, or played the games. They do look great, so drawing him should be fun.

    DONE! first suggestion accepted!

  3. I haven't the slightest idea about who/what you should draw -- I'm just interested to see what else comes out of this little challenge!

  4. Do you just do people... can you do a logo for me for another business venture I'm starting called "Global Worming" (worm composting).. eventually half my vehicle will have a wrap on it with this logo which could be your artwork....

  5. How about something a little different...the 3-eyed aliens from Toy Story and some Bamfs! (Nightcrawler's little alter ego)

    Tug-of-War anyone?!?

  6. I've got a suggestion! :D I can't stop thinking about old school Luke Skywalker with Mara Jade. Or Padme and Anakin even. (Yes, I'm such a girl, I know. Lol.)

  7. I'd love to see some Rogue and Gambit goodness!