Thursday, March 15, 2012

I really suck... and I mean it.

ok...way too long.

almost 9 months away. I m neck deep in PhD stuff, I moved again ( still in Colorado,) and i have too many art jobs to handle. Ok, the last one sounds great- trust me it is NOT. Quality pays the price when there is not enough time to dedicate.

So I got a new scanner, and with technology being what it is now, I have no excuse not to add regular updates. So I Will try- can someone email me or something- once a month and yell at me to post?

Also, remind me to get a hold of Lizz- I need her masterful coloring on something...
Scans from art jobs coming up.
Also, a list of my current/up-coming projects:
Contemporary Pin-ups
Secret Marvel project
DC New 52 cards
Walking Dead comic book sketch cards
Mars Attacks Heritage sketch cards
Bombshells for BadAxe studios
and the 501st Legion Celebration party-giveaway cards

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