Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting ready for a con-weekend

Ok, so I am back in toa con-swing of things... kind of.

I am doing the small, yet supposedly fun show called Comicfest, part fo the Starfest family of shows, this coming weekend.

I will have all kinds of original art, sketch cards, prints, etc. I am doing a sketch card panal on Saturday, and a live drawcast on Sunday both at noon Mountain time.

I will provide more info when I have it, and of course, I will do my bset to take pics of my art from the show so that I can crop it properly and put it up on the blog.

Ah, the blog. how wonderfully cliche, yet completely underappreciated by me.

OH!!!!!! I am also doing the First annual Denver COmic Con father's day weekend. By bestest comic mates Bukshot and DNasty will be coming to Bronco Country to draw with me for the weekend. ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD, Buk and I will be putting out a limited edition Street Fighter print for the show. I will aiming to have Lizz color it- cuz she rocks, coz'!

more info on all of that as we get closer.


  1. it was great to meet with you this weekend my wife loves the obi pic thanks again will send twiter follow

  2. pleasure to meet you as well"thebat719." looking forward to seeing you and all others at teh Denver Comic Con in June.