Monday, May 7, 2012

Many thanks for many things!

First, last Friday was May the 4th, or as my wife calls it, "you're allowed to be a Star Wars Geek" day. I went to a 501st event with the Denver ComicCon crew, and did free Star Wars sketches for kiddos for about three hours. Peopple actually waited almost two hours for a sketch! it was awesome to have that kind of support in my new town.

Second, my kcikstarter projects are moving along nicely! one is completely funded ( but could always use more if we are to go for a hardcover version of the sketchbook) and the other is at about 40 % if I recall correctly, One of my blog readers supported, and my thanks go out to them.

With any luck, suppport will continue to roll in, and my art projects can be funded. Some prayer never hurts, so I will had that in the mix too!

Expect me to update the page with the Ninja Turtle art by me and Bukshot this week. As soon as Lizz can color it, I will put her colors up as well.


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